Treatment Techniques

We serve the Easley area with a gentle and effective approach to health and wellness. Dr. Andrew utilizes the methods of Chiropractic Biophysics, or CBP. CBP is a highly-advanced, scientific, and proven chiropractic technique which corrects and restores your spine back to alignment.



Corrective exercises, will be an integral part of your wellness plan. These therapies are used to reach the level of health and wellness you desire and deserve. Most every patient completes the following therapies with each visit.

These include:

• The Wobble Seat is one of our therapies performed prior to the adjustment. This exercise focuses on warming up the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine.

• The Cervical Traction Unit is another therapy performed prior to the adjustment. This therapy aides in stretching muscles and ligaments to prepare the patient for an optimal adjustment of the spine. It also helps to correct proper head and neck posture.

• The Vibe Plate and weighting system is a therapy completed after the adjustment. The Vibe Plate had many benefits, but our lead purpose is to set the adjustment building the muscle and ligament strength to hold the new spine position.

Interested In One Of Our Corrective Exercises?

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Outside Our Office

Dr. Herman loves sharing the truth on health and how to maintain it. EFC was established to see each and every person in our community live a flourishing life. We enjoy engaging with our community through health talks, and lunch and learns. We make appearances at local schools, businesses, and community fairs. If you would like to hear Dr. Herman talk about health with your place of business don’t hesitate to call our office to schedule a “lunch and learn”.

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