Is it affordable and is it covered by my insurance?   

Compared to the cost of surgery and total hip or knee replacements it is very cost effective. It is not covered by insurance. However at our office if we think that this type of treatment would be good for you and if you decide that you want to do it we have affordable financing options available. With the type of financing options we have virtually everyone can afford it. Most HSA or FLEX spending accounts CAN be used.

Is Regenerative Tissue Therapy Safe?   

YES! There have now been over 300,000 cases with zero side effects and that number is growing everyday. Because of its effectiveness and low risk we feel that this type of treatment will continue to become more and more popular

How does it work? 

Regenerative Tissue uses the technology your body has used your whole life to grow, repair, and replace damaged tissue. When we are born we have a very big supply or the things needed to do this. By the time we have grown normally in our late teens we have used 90 percent of our supply. For the rest of our lives we live on the other 10 percent. Every time we have an injury, a cut, a bruise we continue using up our supply. For some people the supply gets so low the body just can’t keep up. The Regenerative tissues we inject in you’re your area of pain or problem is concentrated with the things you need to fix your problem. It helps your body have the tools needed to fix, repair or replace the damaged area.

How is it different from the other types of treatments I have tried?  

Most treatments for chronic pain or degenerative conditions are designed to only mask or cover up the pain. They are not designed to actually fix or repair whatever is causing the pain. Regenerative tissue treatments reduce or eliminate the pain by fixing whatever is causing it. Not only does this get rid of your pain it also helps restore function. Meaning the part of your body that was affected before works like it is designed too. You can live pain free and do the things that you love doing.

Does it have a good chance for success?   

Yes it does! We know of nothing else that has a better chance. Regenerative Tissue contains grow factors, proteins, natural cytokines and mesenchymal stem cells among other things to help repair and regrow tissue. The regenerative tissues are injected right into your problem area and are as concentrated as when you were developing and growing. This gives you the ability to repair injuries like when you were young.

How do I know if it is right for me?   

We would be happy for you to have a consultation with one of our medical professionals. They will go through your health and injury history and help you determine if these types of treatments may be right for you.